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Jen & Shane | Longbranch, WA

From our first conversation with Jennifer we knew we wanted to be a part of she and Shane’s day and we found that she seems to have that effect on everyone she meets. When we arrived at the venue there were friends and family bustling about doing everything from arranging flowers to putting the finishing touches on the wedding cake. With all that was going on you would think the bride and groom would be frantic, but when we found Jen there was our bride, so peaceful as she wrote her vows while her hair was being done. Shane and his groomsmen were all smiles as they painstakingly searched the internet trying to find out how to tie a bow tie. The whole day was relaxed which gave the guests (and the photographers) a chance to really stop and take in each special detail.

Scrabble letters spelling LOVE with a wedding ring as the "O" with a green background130713-Owl-Creek-005-Blog_blog

Woman putting icing on a wedding cake behind a windowMason jars set up for a wedding130713-Owl-Creek-015-Blog_blog

Rustic wedding cake and cupcakesRustic wedding cake with a twig bird nest decoration and lavender

Wedding dress hung in front of a large windowBride getting her hair done while writing her vowsGroomsmen preparing food for weddingGroomsmen getting ready for a wedding130713-Owl-Creek-018-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-020-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-023-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-024-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-026-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-028-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-029-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-030-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-031-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-033-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-034-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-037-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-036-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-040-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-038-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-042-Blog_blog130713-Owl-Creek-043-Blog_blog

Venue: Longbranch Improvement Club

Hair: Billie Hanson